The Wessex Ale 'n' Cider Festival

The Wessex Ale 'n' Cider Festival


Ales & Ciders - the essential part of the Festival!

Using locally produced Ales & Ciders we have given the festival a uniqueness not often seen. 


This includes our special brews created exclusively for the event, although if you know where to look you can find them sneaking in throughout Wessex.  

Everyone's favourite Ale, Hells Hooch, will of course be available along with Wessex Woodentop. There may well be a couple more Ale's from the Wessex label appearing but you'll have to be there to find out.  Local Brewers will of course be supplying a variety of Ales for you enjoyment.

Wessex Wyvern & Wessex Wobbler make their regular appearance for the cider lovers.

Possibly the most popular cider to appear so far, the mango cider, will be back and so will lemon n lime.  Also more new ciders including Wessex Wiggle will be debuted this year.

What does every good beer drinker love after a few bevvies? A Curry!

This year we will have Big Harry's Curry Wagon to satisfy your cravings for a ruby!

Spike and Victory Snack Bar will be back again serving from breakfast until bedtime.